Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Researching Ferraris

My first step toward ownership will be to identify models that meet my requirements, which loosely stated, are relatively low cost of ownership and, maybe, back seats. This is going to be a fun step. Now I have justification for all the time I spend browsing on the internet. I am no longer browsing, I am doing research. Research is important. Research is valuable. I have set a goal of doing something each day that will get me closer to getting the car. The activities I view as valuable are research, finance, space creation, and lobbying the wife.
I have purposefully avoided setting a budget. Purchase price, while interesting is not important. Resale value after one year and maintenance risk over the year are much more important.
In a few minutes looking on ebay I decided to be flexible about the back seats. My gut tells me that the only cars that will fit are the F355, F360, and 456. I have ruled out the 308 and 512 TR because they are too iconic. I ruled out classic Ferraris due to the risk of catastrophic maintenance expense and because I plan on driving this car regularly and don’t think I could bring myself to do that to a classic Ferrari. I will revisit this decision but it seems sound as I write it. I ruled out the 348 because I don’t fit. I ruled out the F430 and 612 Scaglietti because they are too expensive for this experiment. I have yet to rule out the Mondial. I am not super interested Mondials but they possess several of the attributes I am looking for.
I want a coupe. My Porsche is a cabriolet (took me forever to spell that correctly) and I often wish that I had purchased a coupe. I plan on taking this car to the track and using it as an almost everyday driver so a spider seems impractical. Further, I think the lines of the coupe are prettier on the cars I have been looking at and the coupe is a bit less expensive. I am not so hung up on the color. Red is fine, so is green, or blue. Silver and black are not high on my list. Neither is yellow but the right car in any color will work.

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