Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still Researching Ferraris

Did not accomplish much towards owning a Ferrari today. I had hoped to have a chance to research repair histories and estimated costs, but work got in the way. I did talk with my dad about the idea. Since he lives in Los Angles he is close to a large selection of cars. I don’t know if there will be a price differential between Portland and LA . I had assumed that ebay had created a national market for exotic cars but there may still be small local variances.
I have planned to visit the two dealerships in town that regularly have Ferraris. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo bills itself as the oldest Ferrari dealership in America. They have a fantastic back room that has some wonderful cars in it and with luck I can talk a salesguy into a tour. I have a strong predisposition to buy the car from Tonkin due to their reputation and dealership status. Their cars do carry a premium, but this might not be a bad thing when buying a Ferrari. The other shop in town is Gran Prix Imports. Grand Prix is a great place for a car guy. Nice espresso maker. F1 car mounted on the wall. Yes on the wall, look up or you will miss it. I checked on line last night and they have two 360s and one 355 spider. This is good because I am unsure if I can fit in the 355 and would like to sit in one but bad because it is a spider.
I am preparing a list of questions to ask the dealer.
Here is my start.
How much should I budget for maintenance for one year of driving?
How much will you buy the car back from me for at the end of one year?
Do you know the history of this car?
Is service up to date on the car?
On another note my wife has tentatively agreed with my plan. I think the combination of “it is only for a year” and “you can drive it too” is what sold it. But, I know that we will be revisiting this decision at least a few more times. That is not a problem. I will revisit myself a few times too.

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