Friday, October 19, 2007

Visit to a Ferrari Dealership

Dropped by the Ferrari dealership today on my way to pick up my new truck. Walked in the door and there were three F430s on the floor. Two spiders and one coupe. Wow. What great looking cars. After a few minutes of staring at them with my business partner, who gave me a ride to pick up the truck, I went over to talk with the sales guy. Nice thing about this dealership, they leave you alone until you ask for help.
“Do you have any 360s?” I asked.
“Coupe or spider?” Was the response.
“Not on the floor but we have a red one that just came in.”
“Is there any interior room difference between the 360 and 430?”
No, they are the same size and you will fit fine.
“Can I sit in the 430 coupe on the floor”
After a long look, “OK but it is a new car”
“I promise not to hurt it.”
The good news is I fit really well in a F430. For anyone reading this who is over 6’4” you have a chance. I did not need the seat all the way back and I felt that I had more leg room than in my 911. The bad news is I have now sat in a 430 and think I may be disappointed with the 360. Not that there is anything wrong with a 360 but the 430 has a knob on the steering wheel that can be dialed to”RACE”.
The interior of this car is absolutely stunning. Black leather with yellow piping and stitching, polished aluminum and carbon fiber. I feel like I am sitting in a space craft or something designed and executed by an intelligence not bound by traditional ideas of what is OK in a car. Weird stuff going on in Italy. Next great surprise. If you turn your head like you would if you were to back up you see the engine. There it is. To great big red intake covers that say FERRARI down the top. Really cool. After meditating in the car for a few minutes I realize that the 230K price is beyond my budget and that I should get out and reduce the salesman's stress.

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