Friday, October 26, 2007

A Visit to Gran Prix Imports

Sat in a nice 360 today at Gran Prix. Joe, the sales guy was very helpful. Even answering my question of how much will I lose if I drive this for a year then sell it with the glib but 100% honest answer of depends on how much I make on selling it to you. Gran Prix has two 360s a red one and a silver one that has been on their shop floor for several months. The red car has the f1 gear box, which I am interested in, the silver car has a six speed. I told Joe that I was interested in both cars and would like to drive them. He said to pick sunny day next week. Done.
I have also decided to take the additional step of putting my journal online. I have two very self serving reasons for doing so. First, I hope to get a couple of advertisers to defray some of the cost of this experiment. Second, I hope some car loving publisher reads the journal decides that it is an editing challenge they are up to and offers to help me publish it. I recognize the obvious conflict that exists if some of my sponsors also are some of the businesses I interact through this process. I don’t want to eliminate potential sponsors and am not yet sure how I will deal with this problem.

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