Monday, November 19, 2007

Buying the Right Ferrari

There are many things worse than not buying a Ferrari. One of them is buying the wrong Ferrari. From my perspective a car can be the wrong Ferrari for two reasons. First, the wrong car will not fulfill what I want to experience in the act of owning and driving a Ferrari. This would be unfortunate but the car can be sold to someone who is looking for an experience the car can deliver or is making the same mistake I did. Second, the wrong car may have serious mechanical issues. Since I am on a budget serious mechanical issues in a Ferrari are more than unfortunate. I do not want to make either mistake. I want to buy the right Ferrari.
The right Ferrari will be well maintained, with all records and few if any cosmetic issues corrected. The car will feel tight and balanced and be in a color that enhances its lines. The right car will will sound like a Ferrari. Finally, the right Ferrari should provoke an emotional response. The 360 I drove provoked an emotional response. The 355 provoked an emotional response too but less visceral than the 360.
I have resolved to take this process slowly, look at all the options available and pick the right car.

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