Saturday, November 24, 2007

Looking at Another 355

Last week I looked at another 355 for sale locally. It is a black coupe and gave me a good car to compare to the silver 355. The silver car is in better shape cosmetically. The owner of the black coupe admitted he had spent his money fixing mechanical problems rather than cosmetic ones. I don’t think the black car is the right one for me but did have a very enjoyable conversation with the owner. I also had a chance to talk with a fellow who runs an independent Ferrari shop in Portland. I called him to discuss the cars in general and to better understand the cost and logistics involved with a pre purchase inspection.
We discussed the four cars on my list. He was uncomfortable performing the PPI on the 360, too many electronic parts. He suggested I got to Tonkin for that. Further, he expressed some doubt regarding the long term reliability of the 360. His point was the cars are still relatively young and have lots of complex parts which may or may not age well. With regards to the other cars on my list he liked the 456 the best, saying it was a wonderful car. Unfortunately, there are no 456s anywhere near me and I would like to limit my search to local cars. If you know of a good 456 for sale in the PNW please let me know.
We did talk of ATD, the shop I called, completing the PPI. He said the most important component of the PPI on a 355 was the compression test to make sure the valves were in good shape. The PPI for the 355 will be about $250. I think that is very good insurance.
I also joined the Ferrari Club of America. Yes, I know joining sounds premature as I do not have a Ferrari and have only test driven two. But, I am committed to buying one and the local members will be a good resource to check with prior to buying any car. Chances are one of them owned the car I am considering.

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