Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Cold Feet

I am having doubts.
The past two days have not been good ones at work. We have had two clients that need to cut back. Our company provides technology outsourcing for small to medium businesses. I have been growing increasingly worried about the economy and how the current downturn would affect our clients. I am not worried about our company’s health but I am worried about our ability to maintain profit and growth goals over the next two years. Maybe this is the wrong time to buy a Ferrari. I expect most people consider Ferraris luxury items and if times are tough you can forego luxury purchases. I wonder if during slow economic times more Ferraris are for sale? I have a counter argument. With the falling dollar new Ferraris will become more expensive, raising the value of used cars. Further, the slow economy may push would be 360 drives into the 355 market. Who knows?
What I know is that if I do not buy a car this will be a short book.Like I said earlier, if I could go and plunk down the money for the car with no angst or risk this would be a boring read. Anytime you do or contemplate doing something outside of your comfort zone there are bound to be doubts. I am going to press ahead.

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