Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Ferrari Today

I have had a bad cold the past few days. I did not work, ride my bike, or do much of anything which gave me time to consider the cars I have looked at and what to do next. Several days ago I decided that the silver 355 at Gran Prix is a car I will try to buy. I say try to buy as Barb still needs to drive it, we need to agree on a price, and it needs to pass an inspection. I was not fully comfortable with this decision as I like to chew on things for a while. By deciding but not taking any action I was able to live with my decision without making a commitment. I mentally tried on ownership of the 355. I am comfortable with this car. I think it is the right Ferrari for me. Her e is why.
1. It looks like a Ferrari
2. It sounds like a Ferrari
3. It is great to drive
4. It evokes an immediate emotional response (in me at least)
5. It is within my budget
6. I like it
7. I would not be worried to drive it every day
I talked with Joe today and told him that I had made this decision and we had these moving parts to deal with. So, Joe, if you are reading this you know I want to buy the car, but I told you so I don’t feel like I am making my negotiating position all that much worse;) I also let Joe know about this web log and told him not to tell me anything he did not want to see in print. Joe said my experience of buying the car better be good. Well, I am planning on buying the car from them and if you have read to date you know why.
This evening is Alex, my daughters 10th birthday and my grandmothers 91st birthday so we will not be buying a Ferrari today. Barb and I will compare schedules and see if we can meet there on Thursday or Friday. We can’t go on Wednesday because Barb has a haircut. Funny that a haircut should take precedence over buying a Ferrari but that is the way it is.

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