Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not Driving a F355

Last night was Friday night. “Pizza date” at our house. For several years we have been making homemade pizza every Friday. We have pizza down to an art form. Mom was over and I asked if she would watch the kids the next day so Barb and I could go take a look at the 355 and, if the weather was good, take it for a spin. I also regaled her with stories of my test drive in the Maserati. That story is funnier after a glass or two of wine.
It was raining on Saturday morning as we were heading to the dealership. Not much chance of a test drive today. I doubt that Joe would worry about the car getting wet but I want to focus on the car not navigating an unfamiliar, expensive, high powered sports car around on slippery wet roads. While it would make exciting reading I don’t want a chapter devoted to negotiating with insurance companies to pay for a car I have not bought yet.
They have cleaned the 355 up. The color looks better than I remember. It is a very liquid silver. It fits the car. They have also done a nice job on the interior. It looks quite a bit fresher than when Joe and I drove it. Barb and I walk around it.
“I like it more than I thought I would.” She says. We are off to a good start.
Joe wants us to take if for a drive but I am still uncomfortable with that. I plan on driving any car I buy in the rain but then it will be my car. I also don’t think I will answer the questions I have about the car if I take it out in this weather. Further, Barb and I like to approach decisions carefully and her driving of the car will be a major step in any purchase. If she has not driven and approved the car I will not buy it. In a sense I am hiding behind her test drive. By holding that off I can hold off my decision and chew on it longer.
Barb fits in the 355 much better than I do. I reiterate my statement that she will have fun driving this car. We look the car over. The paint is pretty heavily chipped on the air dam and front bumper. There are a few chips on the hood and one or two on the mirrors. There is one spot in the interior where a the burgundy leather does not quite cover a trim piece.
Marty Garner, one of my co-workers has also shown up at Gran Prix to look at a supped up Subaru STI. Marty is a subby guy and this car is right up his alley. The three of us walk around the showroom gawking at cars. The most amazing vehicle in the place is a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago convertible. This car is not of this world. It has an engine, four wheels, seats, a steering wheel but that is where its similarity to other cars ends. This is the most sinister car I have ever seen. I don’t want to turn my back on it, it is great to look at and I don’t fully trust it. What an amazing thing. We look at a beautiful Spyker. The attention to detail and craftsmanship evident is this car exceeds anything else in the show room. The interior of the car is finished in chrome and red quilted leather. It is like a rolling piece of jewelry or fantastic handbag. Barb finds a car she really likes. A yellow F430 spider. Maybe next time.
We talk with Joe about the 355. He is leaving on Sunday for a vacation and is gently pressuring us to put some money down or just buy the car. I am uncomfortable doing either. I don’t like external deadlines to influence my decision making process and I have not yet had the time to settle on this car, it is the first 355 I have looked at.
Barb and I head to a coffee shop to talk and get a bite of lunch. I am surprised she had as much fun as she did . I don’t think I would have been as excited if she had taken me shopping for jeans.

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