Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pricing Research on F355s

I did a bit of pricing research on 355s. I did not get far. I could only find one recent sale and that was for a 1998 355 Spider with fewer miles than the car I drove. It sold for just a tick over 69000. I did talk briefly with Greg at Ron Tonkin. He sold the red 360 they had for 99000 but had a line on a blue 355 with paddle shifters. He agreed to send over some pictures. No, I did not tell him about the book. I want to do that in person. I also reserved a url for my online publication of this journal, www.
Today I spent some time thinking about why I want a Ferrari. When I ask myself this question I get answers that include:
Driving one is great fun ( on test drives at least)
It is a beautiful work of art
It handles extremely well
It is a hand crafted thing in an age of mass production
People will notice it
I don’t have one
The second to last answer is surprising. I don’t consider myself to be someone who wants or needs to be noticed. I will have to consider this further. The last answer sends me down another path. Why do I want stuff that I don’t have? Or more specifically why is not having something a condition of wanting it. If I have it will I still want it? How much of my want for this object is based on my not having it. A bit of quite introspection results in an answer of not much. That’s a good answer but I think the exercise of determining why something is wanted is good to go through before making a commitment to get it. This line of thought leads me to a bit of a tangent. If you are reading this just to read about Ferraris please skip this part. Buddhist philosophy espouses the idea that desire is the root of suffering. I am not Buddhist and may not have the completely right but I am close. Am I suffering because I want (desire) a Ferrari? Quite honestly I am not sure.

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