Wednesday, November 7, 2007

They Sold My Ferrari

They sold my Ferrari!
I just received an email from Joe telling me the car was sold. He can set up of a test drive of the red car and has a few others on the hook but the silver car is gone. I must say that I am very disappointed. For a brief moment I feel a profound sense of loss. Not loss like someone had died but like I had missed an opportunity which will not repeat itself. I had decided the car was a good choice, it was in great shape, in an interesting color combination, and had low miles. Whoever bought this car made a great choice. I am jealous. So much for my worry that the color combo would be hard to sell. It would have really hurt to sell the car after one year.
Well, on to the next car. There is more than one 360 for sale and I had planned to drive a few and still want to drive a 550 or 456 so I am going to have to be patient and accept the risk that a car I like may sell prior to my due diligence. If I can offer any prospective Ferrari, or other exotic car buyers a bit of advice it is be ready to experience a sense of loss unless you buy the first car you drive.

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