Friday, December 28, 2007

84 Pounds of CO2

I just belched 84 pounds of green house gas into the atmosphere. I sat, idling in the Ferrari for a bit over one hour. I used about 1/8th tank of gas. There were a few hundred other cars doing the same. You can do the math. Why? We were all waiting at the DEQ CLEAN AIR STATION. Waiting to have our vehicles emissions checked. To keep Oregon’s air cleaner. I have not been in any of my cars for over 20 minutes at a stretch in weeks.
When it was finally my turn pulled the car into the bay and climbed out of the car. I had located the port they would have to connect to when waiting in line. They plugged in the data cable. Nothing. No output. Sorry the DEQ guy said. Take it back to the place you bought it. We can’t test it. Sorry about the wait. DEQ computers don’t speak Italian. Non parlo italiano.
There is an upside. I learned how the heater works. Turns out the heater does not work when you have the air conditioner on. To turn the air conditioner off simply push the “STOP” button. To turn the air conditioner back on simply push the “STOP” button again. Sure, why not.

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