Monday, December 10, 2007

I am an Ecowarrior

With luck Barb and I will be able to drive the Ferrari home this Wednesday. Joe emailed today to let me know the car should be back from paint by then. Wednesday afternoon should be clear. Not too important for driving the Ferrari home, we have already driven it in the snow, but necessary for driving the Lamborghini. I don’t think Gran Prix wants to wash it.
I talked with Scott the banker today to make sure everything was in order or as close to in order as possible. We had a bit of luck. I had opened an account with Summit a few years ago and received four checks to draw against that account. I was able to find the checks so Scott can deposit the money into my Summit account and I can use one of those checks to pay for the car. I asked Scott to just give me cash, preferably in ones, fives, and tens but he wouldn’t. Too much paperwork.
If you follow Ferrari news you know that Ferrari is planning a hybrid car in the future. I have done some thinking about my vehicles. My Toyota truck gets averages a solid 13.3 miles per gallon, the Porsche is a bit worse at around 12. The Ferrari should come in around 12 as well. Each vehicle uses about six gallons of gas per hour. Here is the good part. I can’t drive the all simultaneously. So If I drive the Porsche for one hour and use six gallons of gas while the Ferrari and truck sit at home, not using their collective 12 gallons of gas for that hour, I am really contributing six gallons back to the global supply. I am an ecowarrior. Having these three vehicles is better than a Prius.
Before you write, I understand the flaws in my logic. It was meant to be funny. Do not email and complain!
Over the weekend I received my welcome to the club packet from the Ferrari club. It came with a nice Ferrari Club of America sticker. I am going to put it on Barb’s minivan.

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