Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Just Bought A Ferrari

I just bought a Ferrari! It was anticlimactic.
Joe called today to ask what I wanted to do about the car. The auction was ending in about 10 hours. I took the call in my truck and did not want to verbalize the decision I had already made sitting at a red light in NW Portland.
The night before I had another chat with Brian Abers. Brian had read the first 30 or so pages of this book and told me I was doing a good job and to buy the car. He wanted to know how the story ended. Brian’s encouragement was what I needed. I was sure the 355 would be a great car. Both Barb and I like it. It will be a great character in this story.
I returned to the office, put out fires then went home for lunch. I was in a bad mood at lunch due to the issues at work and did not want to think about the car. Back at the office, after lunch I emailed Joe and told him I did not want to get in a bidding war with the 12 year old and would not pay more than 71 thousand for the car. I then purposefully shut down my email and did not look at my Blackberry for about an hour. When I logged back in I had a message from Joe saying the car was mine. Simple as that.
I am not sure what I expected. The rain to stop. Maybe some theme music.
I called Joe to start the process of getting the pre-purchase done. I then called Scott, the banker, and told him I needed money. I had started filling out the forms for the line of credit but stopped when the car was “sold” on ebay. I now have to hustle to get those done and to make matters worse Scott is going out of town for the next two days.
That’s it. I just bought a Ferrari. I am sitting in my house. It’s quiet. It’s raining. No different than before.

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