Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It Finally Falls Apart

Thing seldom work out exactly how you planned. This morning I talked with Scott to make sure everything was in order for the loan. Everything looked good. No skeletons in my closet. Scott has to attend a seminar tomorrow in Portland so he was going to bring up the paperwork Barb and I need to sign. It was only two months ago that I decided to buy a Ferrari and write a book. I have accomplished a good bit toward that goal. I have written 13887 words, now 13889. Posted an on line journal of my progress, found a good car. Found a way to purchase the car using little to none of my own money, and most importantly convinced Barb that buying a Ferrari is a good idea. Admittedly, things had gone too well.
I have hit a tiny speed bump and may not be able to pick the car up on Wednesday. I am using a line of credit, secured by our house to purchase the car. I chose this type of financing to allow me to write the interest on the loan off my taxes. I am also only paying interest for the one year I plan on having the loan to minimize out of pocket expenses during the year. It turns out that banks are required to give you three days to think about what you have done after you sign so you can change your mind. Once I sign tomorrow Summit will not be able to fund my account for three days. I will not be able to give Gran Prix a check that will clear until Friday.
I called and email Joe to let him know what had happened. I don’t mind waiting for the car but Wednesday is the only clear day in Portland’s ten day forecast so I may not get to drive the Lamborghini.
I have found a temporary home for the Porsche, Mom’s garage. I am planning on building an enclosure just larger than the 911 in her garage to protect the car from her Lexus and her cats. I hope to find better long term storage, maybe John, my business partners, garage. I looked into putting a lift in my garage but the Ferrari is 47 inches high and the Porsche is 48 inches so toe top car will hit the garage door when it is up.

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