Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Leather Boots, Sam Kennison, and Ferraris

Until last night the past three times I have slept I have dreamed of Sam Kennison. I remembered the dreams but could not remember his name until yesterday. I took a nap on Christmas day, between opening gifts and cooking dinner. I dreamt that Sam Kennison and the Ferrari were the same thing and that thing was the leather tongue on a pair of brown shoes that I wear to work. In my dream I was not bothered by the non sequitur of Sam Kennison and a car being represented in their entirety by a piece of textured brown leather. When I awoke I was able to recall Sam’s name but was unable to understand how these three disparate objects could simultaneously exist. The other times I dreamt about Sam Kennison he was first one of our employees and I was constantly worried that he would yell at clients. Unfortunately, in this dream I didn’t know his name and felt too uncomfortable to discuss this worry with him. The next night I dreamt that Sam was one of our clients and was yelling at me. I still did not know his name which again put me at a disadvantage.

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