Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Mistress You can Keep in the Garage

Tonight I spent $41.00 plus $8.00 shipping on four valve caps for a car I have only driven a few times. I know that is absurd but I don’t care. I know that $41.00 Ferrari valve caps will not make the car faster, handle better or look substantially different but I am developing a more concrete vision of what the Ferrari needs to be and even small details are important. As valve caps go these are pretty nice. They are chrome, have little yellow and black Ferrari logos, and a small hex head bolt on the side to lock them in place. That way they will not end up on a bike messengers fixed gear in the first 15 minutes.
I thought the car came with Ferrari logo valve caps. Three days ago I was riding my bike, mounted on a rear wheel trainer, in the garage when I noticed that valve caps were just black plastic valve caps. I had remembered looking at a Ferrari, I thought it was ours, which had fancy logo caps and thinking how neat the caps were and then wondering how long they would last. At first I thought that the logo caps had been stolen and the thief in a moment of guilt replaced them with plastic caps. When I finished my workout I went inside and pulled up the add Gran Prix had posted for the car. Black plastic caps.
Googled “Ferrari valve caps” and one hit was an ebay auction. I opened the bidding with a bid of $10.00. That seemed like a reasonable amount for valve caps. Even valve caps with Ferrari logos. I was outbid. That bid was raised and eventually there were three of us bidding on valve caps. I won. I snuck away from a dinner at moms tonight to place a bid through my phone.
I just bought jewelry for a car.

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