Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rain and Gloom

Winter in Oregon is a cruel time to buy a Ferrari. Barb and I have already driven the car in the rain and snow but it seems unfair to subject such a beautiful thing to the rain and gloom. That said, my internal vision of Ferrari ownership is surpassed with the reality of Ferrari ownership. No I did not get to pick the car up on a beautiful day and take a trip through the Tuscany. No the roads were not lined with supermodels. But, when you get right down to it, I don’t like to travel and would not know what to say to a supermodel. Much less a bunch of them lining a road in Tuscany. Now, having owned the car for two days I look forward to picking Alex up at school, taking Max and Christina for rides around the block and driving to the grocery store. The car makes mundane trips a bunch of fun.
I took the car on the short trip to my office today. I did not expect to be told to “SLOW DOWN” and the warning light did not reappear. Last night I looked in the owner’s manual to determine why that light came on. The “SLOW DOWN” warning light illuminates when the exhaust temperature exceeds a certain threshold. If the light is blinking you drive slowly and call a service center as soon as possible. If the light is solid you stop immediately and have the car towed to a service center. The warning is to keep you from running the engine by running it too hot. I doubt that my drive home last night warmed the engine beyond acceptable operating temperatures. Some of the posts I read on the web indicated that the light may go on if the connections between the sensor and the catalytic converter are corroded or if there is a bad connection at the ECU.
There were several opportunities to drive the car today. I made the most of all of them. Ferraris are not the most practical means of going the bakery but work just fine. The more I drive the car the more I am impressed with how it handles and how wonderfully balanced it is. Tomorrow I plan on spending some time with the owner’s manual to familiarize myself with the controls.

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