Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sleeping Peacefully in My Garage

The Ferrari has sat in the garage since Saturday. The weather has been terrible and I have had to run errands for work each day. I am not looking forward to explaining to clients how and why I have a Ferrari. No we are not charging you too much. I am writing a book. No I am not going to keep it. To be honest I am starting to waffle about selling the car. While I have not had the chance to bond with it yet it has been wonderful to drive the few times I have taken it out. It is an absolutely beautiful work of art that makes a lot of noise and goes fast.
It gets worse. I am already buying it jewelry. Ferrari logo valve stem covers. I am bidding on a set on ebay. They are probably the least expensive thing you can buy for a Ferrari. I think I will also replace the plastic cover on the module that houses the air conditioning and heating controls. There is a thin plastic sheet that covers this module and it is slightly wrinkly. I have yet to find a source for them and plan to put a post on the Ferrari Club of America’s technical forum.

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