Wednesday, December 12, 2007


No Ferrari today.
Joe sent a message this morning that he had looked at the car and it looked great. Then Joe sent a message saying that Gran Prix had accidentally deposited the check I gave him to hold the car. I called Barb and told her to stop shopping.
We did not have the full amount in our checking account. Like I said earlier, this would be pretty boring if I could just write a check for the car. Thing are more exciting when my checking account and money market account take a big beating simultaneously. Gran Prix offered to write me a check which I could deposit back into my account until I pick up the car. I think we will be fine but, to be safe we will do this weekend’s Christmas shopping on a credit card.
I have now paid for the car but the paint shop decided they did not like the way the new paint matched the old paint when viewed from an angle so they are going to spray the bumper again. That’s fine with me.

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