Thursday, January 31, 2008

The 308 GT 4

My mom brought this picture over today. It is of my younger brother, John, and I with the 308 GT 4 that was offered in trade for one of our father's lots in northern California. My guess is it was taken in 1978 or 1979 but I am not sure. If you have been reading this blog you know that I posited that my dad made a mistake in not trading for the car. Who knows. Even though he did not make the trade we still talk to each other several times a week and cars are a frequent topic.

I saw a 308 GT 4 for sale recently and thought about buying it. The owner wasn’t asking much and it has back seats. I can still remember the roads we drove on and the sound of this car. I remeber being worried that I would forget that it was a 308 gt 4 when I bragged to the kids at school the following day. As a kid I wanted to freeze that moment. Thought you would like to see the picture.

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