Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Dodge the Question

I realize that my post yesterday, while positing what supercars were for, did not defend my position or answer the question of how do we go about determining what is better.

I will try to answer the question first and will attempt to do better than “we just know”. Here is my theory. To determine one thing is better than another we call upon our past experiences, prejudices, and analytical skills. We use this corpus of knowledge and skills to evaluate the ability of disparate things to fulfill a role, accomplish a task, whatever. The thing that based upon our internal measuring stick best fulfills the role, accomplishes the task or whatevers is judged best.
At this point the astute reader is saying “Hold on, are you suggesting there is no universal better? That better is always subjective?”
Yes, I believe that is what I am saying. Better is subjective. I went skiing today. Today my Toyota truck was better.

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