Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ferrari Haiku

Winter in Oregon
Ferrari in the garage
Lonely forgotten

There we have it. Winter in Oregon is not a happy place for sports car. I am ready for spring. I doubt my readiness will cause the hastening of spring. It should but I doubt it will. I feel as if my skin is tuning light green. Like I am some sort of aquatic creature, except if I was an aquatic creature I would be dead, frozen in some pond or puddle.

This winter seems unusually cold. Wet is not unusual for winter in Oregon but cold is. For some reason the ground seems harder in winter. Oregon is a great place to own an exotic car since there seem to be fewer of them than in other west coast cities. I think that I probably see one or two exotic cars per month, they retain their celebrity status. In Los Angles or Miami you have a good chance of seeing the cars more frequently. With that frequency some of their novelty wears off. Unfortunately, our weather conspires to keep exotics off the road. There may be thousands parked in garages.

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