Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ferrari Years Like Dog Years

Ferraris live faster than most cars. Well, Ferraris were meant to live faster than most cars. I think that many exotic cars get locked away in tomb like garages to where their owners wage a battle with entropy. Those Ferraris become like bottles of wine that are never opened. Too bad. Back to my original thought. Ferraris age more quickly than most cars. But, how much more quickly?
To answer this question I have created a formula that compares Ferrari years to a standard automotive year. To establish my standard automotive year I used the 1984 Isuzu Pup with the C223 motor. I did not give the Pup an allowance for 2 wheel drive and did not take into account the changing formulas in diesel fuel, either regionally or over time. I know that this will call my formula into question with more scholarly types and am willing to accept modifications if they make sense.
My formula is FY= X(7761.767)(Y/AM+C/MRPM/AM). X = the age of the pup in years, 24 in our example. Y = the age of the Ferrari in years, 10 in the case of my car. AM = the actual miles of the Ferrari, 27014 in the case of my car. C = the number of cylinders in the engine, 8 in my car. MRPM = the maximum RPM or 8500 in my car. Using this formula we learn that Ferraris age at about the same rate as a large dog. One Isuzu Pup year is equal to 6.8964 Ferrari 355 years.

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