Friday, January 4, 2008

Ferraris Don't Melt

First post of the New Year.
I took the car to Gran Prix yesterday so they could figure out why the DEQ could not test its emissions. It took their mechanics about 10 seconds to figure out what was wrong and about another 5 minutes to fix it. Turns out one of the pins on the port the DEQ plugs their computer into had been pushed out of place. The Gran Prix guys put a new one in and tested it to make sure it worked.
Yesterday it was pouring rain in Oregon. It was windy and miserable. Not the type of day you typically associate with driving a Ferrari. Why not? They do not melt. The car handles great, it is fun on wet pavement. It is even easier to kick the rear end out around corners. Also, if I decide not to drive it in the rain I will get to drive it 11 time this year. My book would be about 30 pages long, with not much content.
It sounds foolish but I felt proud of myself for driving a car in the rain. The car does not even look dirty. Now that I have figured out how the heater works I was comfortable. Silly. It was made to be driven. Further, it was made to be driven fast and handle perfectly in almost all conditions. Why not drive it in the rain?
Believe it or not I saw one other Ferrari out yesterday. It was a yellow 430 Spider. It was pulling out of Gran Prix as I was pulling in. The new owner was taking it home. In the pouring rain. I doubt it melted either.
I checked the DEQ's web cam prior to leaving this morning. No line. I got lane five this time and was able to pull right in. The DEQ's computer was unable to talk with the Ferrari. The tech in charge of lane five called another fellow who brought over a hand held testing device. The car passed first try. Fantastic.
On the way home I celebrated a bit. I am adamantly opposed to driving recklessly on public roads. The most common question I get is how fast have you gone. My stock answer is 75 MPH. Usually the person asking looks disappointed. It’s not about going fast. Well its partially about going fast but that is not the whole point. More like 5% of the point. I will drive the car fast, on the track. But, having just passed emissions and faced with a long straight exit ramp I wound the car up in 4th gear just a bit. That dog can hunt.
I have always been somewhat disappointed with the acceleration of my 911. I am not disappointed with the Ferrari.
On another note.
I answered my own posts on both the Ferrari Club of America’s technical forum and Ferrarilife’s forum, thanking other users for not ridiculing me. I received several responses on Ferrarilife which initiated another line of discussion, it is best to just drive these cars and not worry about them. One poster mentioned he had driven his F40 7000 KMs the first year he had it.

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