Sunday, January 13, 2008

In A Theater Near You

Sure our 911 is eight years older than the Ferrari. It is a cabriolet. It has 125 fewer horsepower. The brakes feel like you are pushing your foot into sand. But, what a great car. I have not driver the C2 for over two months. I started it today just to make sure it would start. I think I got to it just in time. It barely turned over and took a few seconds to catch. But once started what a wonderful sound. I have gotten used to the Ferrari's song and forgotten the lopey sound of the Porsche. Like a cross between a 69 Camaro and a chain saw.


I made a film of both cars starting up and posted it on youtube. It is interesting to hear the difference in the two motors. You can definitely tell the Ferrari is idling at 400 RPMs more than the Porsche. The Ferrari looks like it is smoking badly but it is condensation. As luck would have it the afternoon was only gently overcast, which counts for sunny in Oregon in the winter so I took the Porsche out to run some errands. The difference between the two cars is stunning. Both were built prior to the invasion of driver’s aids but the Ferrari is a much more sophisticated car. The chassis feels far more refined the steering is better, with the possible exception of bump steer. I like the seating position in the Porsche better. More upright and closer to the wheel. I have to recline the seat on the Ferrari to quite a bit to fit in the car and am positioned further from the wheel than what would be optimal.

Even after many months of not driving the Porsche I am much more comfortable going quickly and tossing the car around than I am in the Ferrari. After we had the suspension replaced on the car I felt that we had turned a good car into a great car and created the world’s largest go cart.I hope to have a chance to drive the cars back to back this week as the forecast calls for some dry days.