Sunday, January 27, 2008

Should have moved to Palm Beach

Oregon continues to be unkind to my one year with a Ferrari concept. At this rate I can re-label my experiment one year, four drives, and lots of frustration with a Ferrari. I had a chance to drive the car on Friday. Let me restate that I missed a chance to drive the car on Friday. It was cold, clear, and dry. Not the greatest sports car day but I will take what I can get.

During the process of buying the car I contemplated the wisdom of starting a one year experiment with a car at the beginning of winter. I do not regret buying the 355 but I wish it was available in May not December. Probably would have cost me more but at least I would get to drive it. Now it just sits in the garage.

I did not drive the car on Friday. I had to choose between picking up wine and pizza stuff for dinner or driving the car. I choose food and wine. This is off topic but I did make a great octopus pizza. Don't knock it. It was fantastic.

I did find a replacement ashtray module.


Let’s say you want to replace the ashtray in your Toyota Matrix. $15.24. Your Lexus LS 430 $86.40. For $499 I can buy a complete motor for an Isuzu Pup. I am going to buy the ashtray anyway. If I cannot drive the car I might as well spend money making it perfect.

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