Friday, December 28, 2007

Travels to Ferraristan

Minutes after belting in to our Ferrari we were off through the lush landscape of western Oregon. Once you leave the city time slows down. Windmills replace office buildings and horse draw carriages replace BMWs. This is rural Oregon at its finest.
We pull over at a quaint roadside diner. You can easily tell if it is authentic. Look for the “Save a logger, Eat a Spotted Owl” sticker. I order a garden burger and hemp milkshake. Now I have arrived. Nothing brings me back to Oregon like a garden burger. We chat with the proprietress. Her family has run this establishment for three generations.
After dining Barb and I stroll out to the Ferrari. Grandly double parked outside. The Argento Titano paint perfectly reflecting the grey Oregon sky. An adoring throng of children have gathered around the car. One presents Barb with a humble crayon drawing the car, complete with Scuderia shields. We will always treasure it.
Cheers and happy travels.

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