Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Use for a Ferrari in Winter

What can you do with a Ferrari in winter? If you live in Portland, Oregon and it happens to be an unusually cold and wet winter not much. Sure I could take the car out, slide it around in the ice and slush around my house and let the front get sand blasted by the gravel laid down by the department of transportation. I could but I won’t. I like cars too much to do that.

What I can do is plan what I am going to do with the car once the weather turns. Earlier I made a list. It included taking the car skiing. I think I will take ski trip off my list unless I can pick a bluebird day and talk someone into driving my truck as a support vehicle.

I plan to attend three track days this summer, the Ferrari Club track day, one Gran Prix track day, and just for grins, the Lamborghini of Portland track day. Before attending any of these I am going to take a performance driving class. I found one where I can use the Ferrari and some unlucky soul has to ride along and give me pointers. I am not worried about crashing. I am worried about being passed by a 60 year old grandmother of six. Best to get some pointers and not become an embarrassment to Ferrari drivers everywhere.

I want to attend the exotic car show in SunRiver and combine that trip with a fly fishing trip where the Ferrari gets to go to the river. I am pretty sure I can fit my boots and waders in the truck. I will bring several large plastic garbage bags to put all the wet stuff in. Since I fish on catch and release rivers I don’t need to worry about anywhere to put fish. I also seldom catch anything but that is beside the point. Originally, I had not planned in showing the car in the show but why not. Few people are going to be interested in looking at my Toyota and if you only have a Ferrari for one year why not take advantage of all opportunities for fun you can find.
Two years ago a few friends organized a sports car Oregon wine country tour. We had two Porsches and two BMWs. We had prefect weather, great food, and wonderful roads. I want do organize a similar trip.

Finally, I want to make some videos of the car. More specifically, I want to make some videos of the car being driven on the track and twisty country roads.

That’s about it for now. Not much else I can do with the car today other than let it slowly depreciate and think about what I can do with it this summer.

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