Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We Are Now One

If you are like me you do not completely bond with a car until you have washed it. I am not sure why but I never feel as if the car is mine if I have not washed it. It may be the process of washing it. It may be the time spent with the car when it is stationary. It may be the tactile feedback of touching the whole thing. Don’t know. Probably a little of each.
The Ferrari needed to be washed. So does my Toyota but it will have to wait until summer. The Ferrari had been out in the rain and muck a few times and was looking dingy and neglected. The weather forecast did not look good for car washing. Rain, snow, temperature in the high 30s. There was a clear patch on Saturday but I decided to go on a bike ride instead. It snowed for most of my ride. It was raining Sunday when I woke up but I had decided to wash the car and if it was raining so be it. I cannot not scratch an itch.
Eventually the rain stopped and I grabbed a bucket full of warm water and backed the car out of the garage. One of my favorite things about the Ferrari is the way it starts. The engine leaps to life. One instant nothing, turn the key, BOOM, the car is on and idling at about 1100 RMP. No cranking just an immediate start. I heard a Porsche Carrera GT start once, same thing. I think it may be due to a combination of high compression and light flywheel. Whatever causes it I like it. I look forward to the instant I turn the key and a crazy mechanical symphony starts right behind me Prestissimo .
One great thing about sports cars is that there is not that much to wash and you can reach everything easily. In no time the car was clean, dry and back in the garage looking much happier. It is now my car. We have bonded.

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