Saturday, January 19, 2008

What is "Better"?

Yes, I realize I am going to have to find some way to pay for the Gallardo. The Ferrari worked out – so far - and I have eight months to figure out how to make things work but I am going to get one. Trust me.
I have a question for you. What makes something better than something else? What is evaluated and what process is used to come to the conclusion that this thing is better than that thing?
I will stay in context of supercars and stick with the comparison between the Ferrari and Lamborghini. When I reflect on what makes one of the cars better than the other I run into a problem. I have never really spent the time to figure out exactly what the cars are for. Sure, there is the getting you from place to place function but that’s only part of it. If getting around were the point Barb’s minivan would be the champ. I will be honest with you. Supercars are really very good at getting you from the home to the office or to the grocery store. Our Ferrari is about as comfortable as a supercar can get. It can comfortably hold thee bags of groceries buy you are always worrying about some ninny in a 1994 Suburban inflicting massive damage. Have to wear fancy shoes to the office? Unless you have tiny feet supercars are not so friendly. The brake and clutch pedal are the size of an Oreo and the gas pedal is like four #2 pencils laid side by side.
So, what are these cars for? I can think of two things. Entertainment and self gratification. Fun and ego. That is what these cars are for. The Lamborghini is more entertaining to drive than our 355. Is it better than a 430? Don’t know. I haven’t driven a 430 yet. For me the Lamborghini was more entertaining than the 360. On to ego. When I review the things I don’t like about the Lamborghini the corporateness of the cockpit is high on the list. It is like being in the worlds nicest Audi. I don’t want an Audi. I want a Lamborghini. Also, and this is silly to say but a Lamborghini is not a Ferrari. Lamborghini lacks Ferraris history of racing and comprehensive brand recognition. The Lamborghini falls short on the ego side.
Now we get to the tricky stuff. Is the Lamborghini that much more entertaining than the Ferrari to overcome its ego deficit? Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Entertainment and ego are not equally weighted in my decision making process. Ultimately, entertainment is more important to me. So, with respect to my 355 I judge the Lamborghini the better car. Today.

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