Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$270 for an ashtray and I don't smoke

I received the ashtray module yesterday and wasted little time sneaking out to the garage to install it. You would expect that installing a new ashtray module would not take any time at all. It is held in with one screw, has an easy to disconnect wiring harness, and does not require the removal of anything major to install it. Your expectation would be correct if the original replacement part from Ferrari fit and if the installer did not decide that he liked the crossed flag pendant on the original ashtray better than the one on the new ashtray.

The picture is of the old module.

Once I removed the old ashtray and could compare them side by side I decided that I wanted to use the flag pendant from the old lid. The pendant is held on by two little nuts. They are easy to remove. They are not so easy, especially if you have big finger, to replace. About 20 minutes later and I had the pendants swapped.

I installed the cigar lighter, that’s what is it called in the parts catalogue, and put the ashtray module back in. The hole in the bottom did not line up with the hole in the frame tunnel. It was off by about ¼ of an inch. A bit of careful work with a Dremel tool to reposition the hole in the ashtray and it fit.

Here is a picture of the new moudule.

It was definitely worth it but now the nice ashtray highlights the less than perfect condition of the AC sticker and the mirror control. Luckily both of these are inexpensive to replace and will be my next project. I posted the old lid for sale on ebay to offset some of the cost of the new module.

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