Friday, February 29, 2008

Comfort Mode

I was sitting at an intersection about two miles from my house when I heard the sirens and saw the sheriff’s car. Oh No! I have not gotten a ticket in 16 years. And that was because Barb did not put the front plate on her BMW. Unfortunately, my driver’s license had expired and was from another state to boot – but I did not have it with me anyway, we did not have proof of insurance, or registration in the car. The officer wrote me up for the license plate and very politely, considering the circumstances, asked me to get a license, find the insurance card and registration card and show up in court. He said if we put the plate on they would drop that charge as well.

But not where is a sheriff’s car behind me with lights and sirens in full force. I have to endure that sinking feeling in my stomach for about five seconds before I realize that I drove home mostly under the speed limit. He wants me to get out of his way so he can get through the intersection.

I have been driving the car in “COMFORT” mode recently. As I understand it comfort mode does not make the suspension softer but changes the damping rate of the shocks. It is more comfortable on bumpy roads and seems to be a better choice for driving through town or on the freeway. I wish the warning light was now quite so big.

If I can get my ducks in a row I am going to get a chance to drive in “SPORT” mode this weekend. The Alfa track day is on Sunday and a friend in the club has told me they have openings for track time. The Alfa club has a novice category. Novice being a euphemism for never driven on the track before, cover the car in bubble wrap, tell the corner marshals to take 20 steps back, ignore the smell of burnt clutch.

Sounds perfect. They limit the Novices to only 15 cars on the track. How much damage could I do? Besides, they are Alfas, they are small.

I need to get a helmet and some fireproof gloves. I had planned on taking the kids skiing on Saturday so I will have to get the gear sometime today. Let you know how that goes.

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