Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enzo's Birthday - The Prequel

Enzo’s birthday will be my first experience with a whole bunch of Ferrari folk. So far my expectation of Ferrari ownership and my experience have been very different. My experience has not been bad in any way just different than what I thought it would be. Barb has been joking that she should wear tight white pants and a leopard print top to the dinner. While that would be nice it also serves to shed light on her expectations of Ferrari ownership and owners – or more specifically owners wives. I told her it was the Ferrari club not the Camaro club. I asked her about this comment and what it said about Ferrari owners and their wives.

“They like fast cars and fast women” was the response.

“So… I own a Ferrari does that make you a fast woman?”

No response.

I think we are going to meet a bunch of people who are pretty similar to us. Most will have made more than a one year commitment to ownership but generally the owner will be like me – fascinated with cars and able to argue compellingly enough to talk their spouse into letting them spend a prodigious amount of time and energy on a car. The spouses will be like Barb. Amused with their other halves obsession and willing to accompany them to a birthday party for a dead Italian guy who built cars. I am scared of fast women.

In this case I hope that my expectation and reality are totally different. I have no desire to have dinner with a bunch of people who are just like me. With the exception of the occasional sarcastic remark it would be a dull evening, utterly lacking in color, glamour, and excitement. I am hoping for middle aged guys with slicked back hair, driving shoes, and Ferrari tattoos. I hope some bring their 19 year old third wife. I want passionate debate comparing a 360 Modena with the F1 transmission to a 360 Modena with the manual. All this while the 19 year old trophy wife dances, drunk on a table.

We will see. I am going to bring a magnum of Brunello, just in case.

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