Monday, February 18, 2008

Ferrari being a Ferrari - Finally

Finally, something has gone wrong with the car. Honestly, I would have been disappointed if nothing happened. The car has started buzzing. I think it is the seatbelt warning buzzer. It happens randomly, starting out faintly, unsure if it wants to buzz, gains strength then quits with a squeak. It would be endearing if it only happened once like a baby bird learning to chirp. I am looking forward to finding the cause and fixing it. My guess is a bad connection somewhere.

I looked on line and saw that many 355 owners had removed the buzzer in the car. Not a bad idea. The buzzer in a 355 has an exceptionally annoying tone and is about twice as loud as it needs to be. It comes on when you start the car or have the key in the ignition and the door open. I don’t need to be alerted the car is on, I can hear the motor. But I don’t want to remove the buzzer. I want to find and fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed I will contemplate removing the buzzer but doubt I will.

Different topic. I have been thinking about the process of writing the book and the creation and weaving together of different themes. Currently, I am planning on interweaving two themes.

1. I want to test the theory that it is possible to buy a Ferrari drive it for a while and sell it without spending a bunch of money.
2. I want to compare my expectation of Ferrari ownership with the reality of Ferrari ownership.

The approach for the “how much does it cost theme” seems pretty obvious. Analyze the process that led me to the 355, mostly dumb luck but I can act like I had a plan, keep track of what I spent and see where I end up. The second theme will be more fun. I have a pretty clear picture of how I expect things to be. I am going to write an entry describing what I expect then write an entry describing how it turned out.

Received the Ferrari driving shoes today. Perfect, over the top, hedonistic, and crazy. They almost glow. I came home after lunch to exchange the truck for the Ferrari and the shoes had arrived. I have to admit it was easier to drive the car in them than a pair of loafers.

Happy Birthday Enzo!

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