Sunday, February 24, 2008

Housekeeping Update

I have signed up for a driving class at PIR. The class is focused on performance driving in your own car. It is all day, starts with classroom instruction and moves to on track driving. I am looking forward to it. I want to learn to drive the Ferrari gracefully, fast is fine but mostly I would like to be more graceful piloting the car.

A few posts ago I wrote about ordering the new ashtray, AC control sticker, and floor mat button. About a week ago I realized that I had not received an order confirmation from the place I ordered them. I logged in and saw that I had never completed the purchase process. The parts were sitting in my shopping cart. On a lark I looked on ebay and someone was selling a new ashtray for $149 with a buy it now price of $300. Worse case I save $75. I decided to risk it. The auction closed on Friday morning at 6:05. I get up early so 6:05 is no problem. I waited until about 6:03 an put in a bid for $301. Got the ashtray for$ 270 something, saving about $100.

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