Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In which I meet my Instructor

I met my driving instructor yesterday. I arranged to take a driving class at PIR. High Performance Driving in your own car. Like I said, my dad taught me to drive when I was 12 in an old work truck and no one has given me any pointers since. I needed to drop off a check for the Enzo dinner, no I had not paid yet, with Steve at Ron Tonkin. Sitting in the customer parking at Ron Tonkin was a great looking 430. I mentioned to Steve that I was taking a class and he said that, well let’s call him Mr. T, (I have not told him about this bolg) taught classes there.

“Yes, I requested him.”

“Oh, did you meet him at the dinner?”

“No, didn’t have a chance.”

“Well let me introduce you”

Nice guy. We talked about cars, driving, and learning. I am trying to talk Barb into taking a class as well. She has taken the 911 over. I think she would have fun learning how to drive it more competently – Not that you are a bad driver hun!

Mr. T said one thing that I thought was great and spot on. He was happy to teach drivers in Ferraris, Vipers, Corvettes, minivans, Priuses, 4x4s. The only thing that worried him was a kid in a Subaru with a tach the size of his helmet. Scary fast cars with young kids. Bad combo.

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