Friday, February 1, 2008

Maybe it was for the Best

In hindsight maybe it is better that dad did not get the Ferrari. If he had I would undoubtedly have crashed it. As a teenager I was physically unable to drive a car cautiously. Couple that trait with a paucity of skill and very poorly develop sense of risk and you have a wrecked Ferrari. I did enough dumb things growing up. I am glad that I do not have to add wrecking dad’s Ferrari to the list.
If I had not wrecked the car I might have applied my considerable mechanical skill to improve it. I distinctly remember deciding that the reason that my 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass was not running had something to do with all the belts snaking through the engine bay. The solution. Cut the belts. One by one I cut belts and tried to start the car after each belt was cut. No luck. Mom sold the car for $300.
While my mechanical skills have improved I will admit that I am better at removing or disassembling things than I am at replacing or repairing things. I was able to remove the heat shield from my 911 and install the bypass for the secondary exhaust. A job that includes significantly more disassembly than assembly.
I like to think that my driving skills have improved as well. Certainly my perception of the risks associated with driving are different than they were 20 some odd years ago. It may be that I still lack driving skills I just never put myself in a position to get beyond my limits. This is just a guess but a driver whose perception of risk trumps perception of skill is probably a good owner for an exotic car.
Why? Well you can get in over your head in an exotic quite a bit more quickly than you can in a Honda. Not saying that you can’t hurt yourself in a Honda but the ability to go from in control to out of control at triple digit speeds in seconds is not there.

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