Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Parts for the car

I thought Barb and I would get a chance to take the car to dinner yesterday. I spent most of the day working in Government Camp, a small community about 60 miles east of Portland and on the slopes of Mt Hood. The day was beautiful, mostly clear skies, about 50 degrees, little wind. Mt Hood has been buried with snow this year. The attached photo is of my truck by a snow bank. The top of my truck is over eight feet off the ground. Crazy amount of snow. It was absolutely incredible and beautiful. I had hoped to get in some skiing but took too long working.
Well, at least we could take the car to dinner. Nope. Once I left the mountain the beautiful weather disappeared and it started to rain. As I came closer to Portland the weather became consistently worse. I must admit that I am beginning to tire of living here; I know I will change my mind during the summer; I am ready for this winter to end.
I can’t ski and I can’t get the car out for a spin so I am going to buy some things for the car. I decided to replace the AC control cover, the ashtray, and one of the buttons that hold the floor mats down.
The AC controls are housed in a white plastic box that is covered with a dark grey decal. Over time the decal pulls away from the plastic box and looks bumpy. Our 355 is in pretty good shape and the decal is barely lifting but it is lifting so I am going to replace it. You can also but the AC control module – the plastic box with the decal, knobs, and stop button but it costs $1500. Ouch. The decal is “only” $80 for a roughly 6” by 6” plastic sticker! The ash tray did not get any cheaper. Still $375 and the button to hold the floor mat down, $15. I have now roughly doubled my spend to date on the car.
On a different note. This Saturday I am attending a celebration of Enzo’s birthday put on by the Ferrari Club. Think about that for a moment. Monday is President’s Day. I have not been invited to any celebrations for President’s Day. Enzo is having his birthday celebrated in Portland, Oregon. Do people also celebrate Henry Ford’s birthday?

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