Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Second Ferrari

I removed the video of the cars starting I had posted on YouTube. Why remove such a historic, valuable, and insightful bit of film making you ask? Over 1000 people watched me start two cars. I decided the experiment was a success and I should not waste 1000 more people’s time. The film represented my first attempt at filming anything other than our kids crawling around when they were infants. It was boring, amateurish, totally devoid of any redeeming value, self absorbed – like just about everything else on YouTube so I removed it.

I have not changed my mind about doing other films from and about the car and the experience of owning it. There are two great roads that I want to film driving sequences on and I would like to film a track day. I build a camera mount for the car. It is not pretty but I think it will work. Amazing what you can do with stuff from Home Depot.

I bought the model pictured above to use in a film, probably to grand a word but what else fits, depicting the differences between my expected Ferrari reality and my experienced Ferrari reality. It would be more fun to fly to Italy and drive the car in the Italian country side but no one has offered me the chance so I will duplicate the Italian country side on the floor of my home office.

Why make films? Well, making them is rewarding on several levels. First, you get to spend a good amount of time nerding out with the car under the guise of film making. Second, it forces you to think about your relationship with the car and how you want to present and project the relationship. Third, it is stimulating in the same way writing about the car is.

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