Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Outsider or Peripherialist - Does not matter

There is a club. I can’t fully define it. Membership has nothing to do with being in the Ferrari Club of America. Within the club there are different roles. The Newcomer. The Technologist. The Wise Old Guy. The Outsider. The Supporter. The Butterfly. The Peripherialist. There are other roles that orbit outside the club but are not in the club. I am pretty sure this is true with most clubs or groups be they focused on Ferraris, model trains, obscure breeds of dogs, yoga, whatever. As I have said before, I am really not a group person. I would describe myself as an anti-group person. I suppose this makes me an “Outsider” or a “Peripherialist”.

There are some benefits to being in this club. First, you get to be around a lot of Ferraris. Why is that a benefit? Well, as a car guy, I really like to look at, hear, drive, and discuss cars. In this club you get to look at drive, hear, and discuss Ferraris. Second, you get to do this without feeling and sounding like a pompous arrogant jerk. Aside from a few friends and those of you reading this blog I don’t tell people I have a Ferrari. That came out wrong. I don’t want people to know I have a Ferrari. I don’t want to broadcast it. Sounds silly from someone writing a blog about the experience and planning to write a book but there we go.

With club members it is different. They have Ferraris too. Usually, nicer ones and more of them than I have. You can talk about Tubi exhaust notes compared to stock exhaust notes and which is car is livelier on back roads. You can discuss the differences in the F1 tranny and not sound or feel like you are saying “let them eat cake.” In these respects I like being in this club.

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