Saturday, February 16, 2008

Porsche Up and Running

Barb wants to drive the Porsche to a dinner with a friend tomorrow. I have had the battery charging for several days and expect it will start. I plan on taking it out for a short drive and run an errand. I want to try to make a camera mount for the 355. My plan it to use suction cups to affix a bracket to the rear window.

The Porsche started on the first try and settled into a nice Porschy, lumpy idle. I like the smell of older Porsches, a mixture of oil, gas, exhaust fumes, and leather. New cars smell like plastic and glue but old Porsches have a very distinctive smell.

Even though I have had it lowered the Porsche is much easier to get out of the driveway than the Ferrari. The morning is clear and cold and I think I will take the long way to Home Depot. The motor sounds great not the high pitch tune of the Ferrari but a big boomy sound. The past few times I have driven this car I am reminded how much I like it. This 911, with the modifications we have made, may be the most perfect sports car in the world. Why? Well it lacks all drivers aids other than power steering and ABS. It is a small fast convertible that has back seats. It sounds fantastic. It is small enough to hustle down curvy tight roads. But, most of all, at sane, even legal speeds it is very rewarding to drive.

On a different note I received an email from Joe at Gran Prix yesterday asking how I was and if I was interested in selling the 355. Who knows? Depends on the price. It would make for an interesting twist to my book to have two Ferraris in one year.

Tonight is the Ferrari Club’s celebration of Enzo’s birthday. Let you know how that goes.

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