Sunday, February 17, 2008

So, how was it?

Enzo’s party, proven wrong again. Both my projection and my Ferrari fantasy world missed the mark. Enzo’s Birthday was attended by about 40 nice people who like Ferraris. Nothing wrong there. A bit awkward. More than a bit nerdy. Maybe that describes me but I don’t think so. I certainly don’t want it too. You know, it does describe me. I think a non-biased third party would be unable to find any substantive differences. There was a lot of discussion about cars; there were a lot of Ferrari shirts. I did not see any Ferrari shoes but I wasn’t really looking. There were no drunken 19 year old trophy wives. That was unfortunate.
So maybe I was not proven wrong. I am not sure.

Maybe I am seeking something in Ferrari ownership that does not exist or is not granted by ownership. That sounds immediately obvious when I write it. It is consistent with my thoughts about the world and the nature of what makes me who I am. It is what you make of it. It is also consistent with my earlier statements that I was not buying the car to change who I am but to get to experience a lifestyle that was different from the one I have had.

I am either going to immerse myself in the local Ferrari sub-culture or ignore it and do my own thing. I am not sure which. I have never been a good “join the club” sort of a person. But, there are several benefits to being part of the group in Portland. Events, track days, the opportunity to talk about the cars without sounding like a complete snob. Plus, and this is a big plus there is a group that gets together to watch F1 races. For years I have only watched one sporting event. The Tour de France. Last year I became interested in F1. As near as I could tell I was the only person in the Northwest who was interested in F1. Nope, there were a bunch of people there who were following F1 and looking forward to the season.

I did do my best Clarkson impression leaving the parking lot. I just did it about 50% more than I expected. Just a note. If you have a Ferrari without traction control, the ground is a bit slick, and your tires cold. Hold on. Gentle with that right foot. A valuable lesson cheaply learned.

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