Monday, February 11, 2008

So Which is Better?

I have been wanting to write a piece comparing our 911 to our Ferrari but neither the weather nor the 911’s battery have cooperated. I did buy a charger last weekend and started the car so with luck I can drive both this coming weekend and get a chance to compare them with driving impressions fresh in my mind.
I did get to drive two vehicles back to back this weekend. The Ferrari and my Toyota Tundra so I will compare them. In many ways they are similar vehicles. Both are extremes. Both have V8s. Both get terrible gas mileage. They have leather interiors, big tires, and go ridiculously fast. Really, the Toyota is fast for a car and over the top for a giant truck. They both have doors, the Toyota has twice as many but the Ferrari has a bigger trunk.
I like the steering feeling of the Ferrari better. It is more direct and responsive. The Toyotas is nice but can get a bit vague. I like the seat position in the Toyota better. Much more comfortable, better head room too. For rearward visibility the Ferrari wins. I can’t see a thing behind the Tundra. There could be a town car parked behind it and I would never know. Often, when parallel parking it downtown I have to get out and look only to realize that I have backed over a mini or have twenty feet to go before hitting something. You just can’t tell. One nice thing, the tires are so big that you can hit the curbs and not scratch the rims. In the truck the curbs feel soft.
While rearward visibility its rearward visibility is better the Ferrari can’t hold a candle to the Toyota in forward visibility. You can see everything. The windshield is huge. It takes forever to wash.
The Ferrari has no cupholders. I don’t know how many the Toyota has I can count five in the front row of seats from memory. Two of those five will hold a 32 oz Gatorade bottle.
The Toyota’s motor has a pleasant diesel sound when cold. Unfortunately that changes to one of the most unpleasant exhaust notes on the planet when warmed up and pushed. Very metallic. I avoid pushing the motor so I don’t have to hear it. The Ferrari on the other hand sings. I have been lucky enough to twice see/hear Pavarotti in concert. A lot like the Ferrari, fantastic.
The Toyota has Bluetooth, a CD player, and a jack for an ipod. I think the Ferrari has a radio but I’m not sure. Who would use it anyway?
Right now there is a pair of skis, poles, umbrella, old moving blanket, drill with 2” hole cutting bit, bike mount, chains, two car seats, a blanket, a took box, and a winter kit in the Toyota. The Ferrari contains a very nice leather tool kit, car cover, proof of insurance, and garage door opener.
Which is better? Hard to tell. If push came to shove and I had to pick one my brain would keep the Toyota but my heart would keep the Ferrari.

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