Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Friends

What a wonderful day. Sun was shining. Kids were happy. Alex, my oldest daughter asked if we could drive the Ferrari to the bakery and get pastries for breakfast. I wanted to drive the car again to make friends with it after it tried to bite me last night. Apparently it was in a good mood it was very nicely behaved even though there was a layer of frost on the road. I like taking Alex places in the Ferrari. She gets to sit beside me and she moves here feet when I shift mimicking pushing in the clutch and letting off the gas.

My plan was to take the car for a long drive out in the country and just enjoy the day. I called my move just before noon and asked if she wanted to go along. It was nice to get to spend about one hour talking with mom, driving through the country. We had a very nice 50 mile drive in the car. I was not too uncomfortable when I got home.

The Ferrari is unable to get up my mom’s driveway. Let me restate that, I think the Ferrari would be unable to get up my mom’s driveway and have not tried. I needed to run some errands and pick up some groceries. The Ferrari is just too wide to park at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon so we took the Porsche.

What a difference. Today was my first back to back drive. In many ways the cars are alike. Both represent the last model with traditional styling but with a modern drive train and suspension. Both cars have a handmade feeling to me that I find very appealing. Both cars lack traction control.

The Ferrari make the Porsche seem old and unsophisticated. If the Ferrari is perfectly proportioned classical symphony played on a tube amp and electrostatic speakers the Porsche is an boot legged AC DC song played on a boom box. Both are wonderful in their own way. The Ferrari has a far more sophisticated suspension. It is clear why Ferrari wins so many F1 races. They know what they are doing. I have said it before, the car is so beautiful to drive it almost make me weep. The Porsche delivers fantastic feedback through the steering wheel but cannot match the suspension set up of the Ferrari. I love driving them both but am quickly coming to prefer the Ferrari.

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