Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surreal Ferrari Experience

Of all our experiences on the trip one stands out as unforgettable and completely surreal. It was our third day and we planned a driving trip south to Monfestino for no particular reason other than the roads looked nice. Just outside of Pazzano di Sotto we turned right onto a small, narrow road. We had not gone more than 300 meters when the road was lined with very attractive people, both male and female in underwear. They were standing about 10 feet apart, some were standing at attention, some were talking and joking with their neighbors. The underwear started off white, then as we slowly progressed, now slowly, down the road the underwear started to gain some color, first light blue, then greens, the yellow, then orange, the last was red. Needless to say we were both confused until we saw several cameras mounted on a motorized rolling platform. I stopped and asked and a British guy told me they were filming a laundry soap commercial. He said they had 312 models in their underwear. I asked why they did not close the road. "Why would we do that?" was his answer.

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