Monday, February 4, 2008

Why is Driving Fun?

What makes driving fun? Driving is not always fun. Sometimes it is drudgery, nearly unbearable. The difference in the situation that results in fun and the situation that results in drudgery is slight. You sit in the auto, you push the gas, the clutch, the brake, you steer. I bet that the driving I detest, going down the freeway at 67 appeals to the same people how detest roads I love – narrow twisty, hilly roads with speeds between 10 and 70.
There was a brief bet of sun this weekend. I took advantage of it. I took the car out for a brief drive. I had forgotten how fantastic it is to drive. I got home just before it started to snow.
I can think of many things that combine to make driving fun for me. I will work through them in future posts.

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