Tuesday, March 4, 2008

$67 for a used ashtray lid

I did not expect to lose interest with driving the Ferrari on the road this quickly. Lose interest is probably the wrong phrase. I sound like a petulant brat but it is largely truthful. Driving the car to the grocery store or to work does not deliver the Ferrari experience I want. I did not expect to want to do more with the car this quickly. In past posts I have written about the engaging nature of both the Ferrari and the Porsche. I think that as I became more accustom to driving the Ferrari I needed more and more speed and g forces to be engaged. The car is so competent; roads which were a challenge in the 911 at reasonable speeds are a yawn in the Ferrari. In many ways this backs up one of my assertion that the 911 is a perfect sports car. Unfortunately, the performance of the Ferrari has pointed out the flaws in the 911s handling and demeanor and made me unsatisfied with the everyday act of driving the car on the road. I hope a few track days will be the cure. I don’t want to be unsatisfied with the everyday act of driving the car.

The ashtray lid sold. $67 and change to a Jean Michel in France. $67 for a used ashtray lid! I boxed it up. I had a nice box that said “Ferrari Original Parts” so I put the lid in it. I took the box to the Post Office, filled out the customs, sheet and went to pay.

“An ashtray?” asked the postman.


“A $60 ashtray?”

“Yes, and what’s worse it is from a car and just the lid.”

“No kidding. And a guy in France wants it?”


“What kind of car?”

“A Ferrari.”

“Don’t they have other Ferraris in France; did you sell it on line?”


Then the postman gave me a high five.

“Way to go. $60 for an ashtray. Go figure.”

The decal for the AC control unit and the trim piece for the mirror will cost about $108. I would like to offset this cost. I noticed that the ashtray bins were being offered on ebay for $175. That is totally insane. It is about seven cents worth of plastic. I have an extra that is new. No one has ever even said the word smoke around it. I am going to see what I can get for it.

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