Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to the honeymoon

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Oregon. Cool, clear, and thankfully dry. I drove the Ferrari, three times. I must be back in honeymoon mode because I had an absolutely great time driving it. I even enjoyed the comments from other drives from “that’s sick” to thumbs up. Maybe it should be 1 ½ or two years with a Ferrari.

I did encounter what I hope is a small problem. The light(s) that illuminate the speedometer, tach, and other gauges are out. I hope it is just a fuse because I cannot image how you could get up into that space to change a bulb. I would be willing to guess that the entire dash must be removed. I guess I will find out.

I took the picture in the parking lot of the grocery store, yes, back to driving the car to the grocery store. The BMW looked huge. It is a three series. I am continuing to research the 355’s engine. I have not found any additional good sources. I have stumbled across some folks doing some really crazy things with turbos on Ferrari motors but this is another story.

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