Saturday, March 15, 2008

More thoughts about what Ferraris are for

One of the greatest and unanticipated benefits of this project has been the act of writing. I like to think I am a competent business writer. I can usually clearly and concisely explain my company’s services and value proposition. Writing about my experience with the car is more challenging. This writing is personally more risky while I write the majority of my company’s collateral I seldom sign it. By and large it is anonymous, further I hold business writing to a lower standard than writing for purely literary purposes.

Writing has provided me with an excellent tool for self examination and quite reflection. The superficiality of my subject encourages me to explore my feelings, attachments, beliefs, and expectations and to pursue tangents as they appear.

On the topic of reflection, I still cannot satisfactorily explain why I like sports cars. I don’t like all objects in the category of cars. I don’t like most of them. But I do like sports cars. I like them enough to inconvenience myself and my family so I can have one, well two. And even as I have decided that high performance cars serve little purpose for me in the fulfillment of my daily activities I still like them and spend not a small amount of my time devising plans to allow me to acquire several, increasingly less useful examples –ie a track car. I think I will devote some effort to understand why I like sports cars and categorize the things about them underpin my attraction to them.

When I think generally about what sports cars are good for four things come to mind:

Providing an exciting and entertaining driving experience

Attracting attention

Publically demonstrating economic status or a tendency to expend resources on entertainment, attracting attention or demonstrating economic status

To fulfill a personal goal

I believe most sports cars are purchased to fulfill in varying degrees the tenants of my list. Read any sports car forum or even car review an inevitably you will find examples of all three. Is this news worthy, no, any purchase or activity which is not purely practical will have these elements. In many ways buying a Ferrari is no different from buying a designer hand bag.

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